Book Review: The Fur Person

Oh my goodness. The Fur Person by May Sarton is such a funny, sweet, perfect little book. The titular Fur Person is a gentleman cat, and the book is written from his perspective. He starts life on the streets, living his independent life, not controlled by any human.

But then he decides he needs to find someone to take care of him. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that he ends up as a happy housecat. If, like me, you cannot STAND a book in which an animal dies, rest easy. This is not a sad book–the Fur Person lives a happy life.

This is one of those concepts that could easily turn out terribly–sappy, cheesy nonsense. But Sarton avoids all that. I really felt like I was seeing the world through the cat’s eyes, and if you have a cat at home, you’ll recognize many of the attitudes and traits. If you’re not a cat person, this book is probably not for you, because it’s 100% cat all the time. It’s a delightful celebration of all things cat.

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