Friday Fun Links

What I’m loving on the internet right now:

Beans, smoky dried peppers, and mint-sage tea from Native Seeds/SEARCH. They also sell cookbooks and books about the American Southwest (I bought the Rancho Gordo Vegetarian Kitchen and Decolonize Your Diet).

These old Cosmo magazine covers at Go Fug Yourself. I have so many questions about these articles.

The Judge John Hodgman podcast. Sort of like Judge Judy for frivolous disputes. I also enjoyed his book Vacationland.

The Knaughty Log Company, where I just bought a side table made out of a tree stump for my reading nook.

One comment

  1. I made the Summer Heirloom Casserole with corona beans. The recipe and beans were from Rancho Gordo. I do hope the recipes in the Rancho Gordo cookbook are better than the recipe I used, which was from their website.


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