Book Haul: A Miscellany

This book-haul stack doesn’t have a theme at all–just a random selection of books from my pre-Christmas buying spree. I picked up Scandals of Classic Hollywood after enjoying another book by Anne Helen Petersen last year.

I’m always looking for funny memoirs, so I bought Sandra Loh’s Depth Takes a Holiday and Over the Top by Jonathan Van Ness. A Certain Hunger by Chelsea Summers looks bizarre and feminist. The Second Mother by Jenny Milchman may turn out to be more of a thriller than I’m used to, but I do like a mystery set in a cold place (in this case, Maine). Not the Girl You Marry by Andie Christopher is a re-do of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days–a fun piece of fluff. And I’m always looking for good books about earthquakes and volcanoes, so I picked up Eruptions that Shook the World by Clive Oppenheimer.

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