2020 Wrap-Up

I started this blog mid-year, so it doesn’t capture all of my 2020 reading. As I’m sure is true for most people, it was a weird year reading-wise. Some months I read a ton, and in other months I couldn’t read at all. Despite that, I wound up reading 64 books–not quite my goal of 75 but not bad in the circumstances.

Top Reads


  • 64 books read
  • 51 written by women
  • 14 written by people of color
  • 34 fiction
  • 30 non-fiction


  • I read 19 books (I think–maybe one or two more) that counted for my lifetime Dewey Decimal Challenge.
  • I worked on the Reading Women 2020 Challenge but did not finish it. After I didn’t read at all in September-October, it took some fun and silly books to get me back into the reading groove–nothing that fit the challenge–so I quit worrying about it. But I’m so glad I tried it because it pushed me to read new authors and to focus on reading works from authors of different backgrounds. I still need to work on reading more works from authors who aren’t from the U.S./Western Europe and authors who aren’t white. I have some great ones coming up in January 2021!

How did your reading go in 2020? What were your favorite books?

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