2021 Reading Plans!

I’ve never tried rolling around in my books, but I love organizing them and planning my reading almost as much as the actual reading. In December, I completely reorganized my books by theme, so the system pretty much only makes sense to me. But I’m using this physical organization to plan my 2021 reading. I’m not going to list specific themes here because I might change my mind on which theme I’ll read for each month, but I’m kicking it off with feminism! Each theme has a mix of fiction and non-fiction. (My first two reviews of 2020 will be books I already completed that aren’t on theme–there will likely be a lag each month.)

For challenges this year, I’ll continue my lifetime Dewey Decimal Challenge. I’m also challenging myself to read 75 books–I didn’t quite make it in 2020! Last year I did the Reading Women challenge, which focuses on reading books by women and diverse authors. I didn’t love that list this year (too many YA/middle-grade categories, among other things), but doing that challenge in 2020 made me much more conscious of diversifying my reading, so I’ll continue in that spirit in 2021.

Instead of the Reading Women challenge, I’ll work on the Booklist Queen’s 2021 Challenge. You can follow my progress here.

What are your reading goals and plans for 2021?

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