Book Review: #VeryFat #Very Brave

I’m a Nicole Byer stan, so I picked up her book #VeryFat #VeryBrave, which is about body positivity and wearing what you want. The “#VeryBrave” hashtag mocks responses fat women get to posting pictures of themselves in bikinis, etc. online. Byer doesn’t want you to have to be #VeryBrave–she wants you to think of any body as a bikini body–and most of the book consists of pictures of Byer in some truly awesome bikinis.

As usual, she’s funny about it, and there is text, not just pictures. She’s also effective. The more we all see fat women wearing whatever they want–not just giant muumuus–the more it becomes just another thing in the world, not worth remarking on. And if you’re fat, you can see that, hey, the world doesn’t end when a fat woman wears a bikini! Byer also provides a few serious tips for fat women looking for bikinis, but this is mostly a feel-good-about-yourself book, and a very quick read.

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